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Orillia - Affordable Housing Project
The current land was purchased from the city of Orillia as a brown field and foundry building built in 1936. Devco took the entire project, including demolition and clean-up, which was completed in less than 6 months. The location of this project is in the centre of the City. In the past the area was a mixture of heavy industrial and commercial enterprise.

The industrial component has diminished leaving old vacant buildings and vacant land requiring remedial work. The subject property has been prepared for this project by demolishing the old foundry building. The removal of the foundry building and development of the site with modern housing will undoubtedly encourage the redevelopment of the overall area.
The area has been designated as a Community Development Area. The housing project plan will transform the area from rundown to an attractive neighbourhood to live in. Only two blocks from the City's main street's retail shops, the project will help to maintain a vibrant downtown.

In summary, this project has major benefits for the City of Orillia and it's citizens.


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